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Managing mandatory closedowns - December 2023 (NZ)

Currently MYOB Advanced Payroll has no direct functionality for closedowns.

Until MYOB improves this workflow (which is in the pipeline), you will need to undergo a manual process to make payments for annual closedowns. This article is about manually processing a mandatory closedown pay run in MYOB Advanced Payroll.

If you are obliged to pay your employee an “8% payment” (see the Employment New Zealand Annual Closedowns page for more information on whether this applies to you), this can be done in MYOB Advanced in a similar way to processing payments of accrued leave on termination. The “termination wizard” in MYOB Advanced Payroll provides you with the easiest way to choose a date and get the relevant values in return.

This PDF will guide you through using the termination wizard to get the value of the payment.

Mandatory Closedowns in MYOB Advanced Payroll – NZ (pdf)

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