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Adjusting an employee's entitlement balance (AU and NZ)

Can't be done with an open pay run.

  1. Navigate to Entitlement Adjustments (MPPP3000).

  2. Select the plus symbol to create a new adjustment.

  3. If the Batch Number doesn’t say <NEW>, enter a number manually.

  4. Choose the Type of adjustment.

  5. Click the magnifying glass icons to select an Employee and the Entitlement you need to adjust.

    If the entitlement isn't available to select, add it to the employee’s standard pay first.

  6. Enter the correct Transaction Date

  7. Once these fields are completed, click the plus symbol in the Document Details table, to add a new adjustment.

  8. Select the Type for the adjustment.

  9. Enter the correct Quantity for Hours.
    If you want to increase the balance, then the Amount and Dollar Value should be positive numbers, not negative like they are in this example.

  10. Double-check the information. Once you’re happy, untick the hold button and click release.

If you make a mistake, reverse the adjustment, then start again. You can’t edit it.

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