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Fixing a failed Pay Super batch (AU)

Pay Super batches can fail for a number of reasons, including incorrect super fund details, mistyped employee information, insufficient funds, and more. Most failed batches show the status Payment Failed on the Superannuation Batch Summary (MPPP4051) and Superannuation Batch Details (MPPP5006) forms.

When a Pay Super batch fails, the MYOB Support team will send an email to let you know that it's failed and explain why. To resolve the problem you need to void the failed batch, fix the cause of the failure, and then create and process the batch again.

1. Void the failed Pay Super batch

Voiding the failed Pay Super batch will automatically reverse journal from when the batch was processed.

  1. Go to the Superannuation Batch Summary (MPPP4051) form.

  2. Click the batch number of the failed batch. The Superannuation Batch Details (MPPP5006) form opens.

  3. Open the Actions button (...), then click Void Batch.

  4. Enter details into the Void Super Batch? window.

    • Choose a different transaction date if needed (for example the original posting period has been closed).

    • Add a note to explain the reason for the journal.

  5. Click OK to finish voiding the batch and create the reversal journal.

2. Fix the cause of the failure

The email from MYOB Support will include information about why the batch failed, including the type of error. Examples of errors include:

  • A clearing house system error, where an outage at MYOBs superannuation payment clearing house has caused the failure. No fix is necessary for this error, just void and reprocess the batch following steps 1 and 3.

  • Not enough funds in the account when the clearing house went to process the payment.

  • The super fund is no longer active. Switch the employee to a different super fund.

3. Create and process the fixed Pay Super batch.

Once you've voided the batch and fixed the issues that caused the failure, you can process the batch again as normal.

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