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Error: Entity Not Found errors when syncing from MYOB Workforce Management

Example error message: "Encountered an error while requesting data from destination product, message: Entity UpdateEmployeeMessage not found , code:NotFound"

If you see the end of the message containing the words Entity not found:

Entity UpdateEmployeeMessage not found , code:NotFound

Then this likely means the Endpoint doesn’t exist.

You can check this at the Web Service Endpoints screen: SM207060

By going into the integration: WorkforceManagementIntegration 1.0

In this case/example we are looking for “UpdateEmployeeMessage” which was added when we turned on Employee Profile Sync with the 9.0 release of WFM.

Correct Endpoint list includes UpdateEmployeeMessage in a working system

Fix is to:

  • Completely Unpublish the existing WFM customisation.

  • Delete the existing WFM customisation (so it isn’t in list).

  • Add the new WFM customisation.

  • When publishing your script, publish to multiple tenants

  • And make sure to choose “Execute All Database Scripts (Including Previously Executed)”

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