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Warning: "Entitlement Storage Space usage has exceeded the limit"

If you get this warning, it’s likely your database needs to be maintained to make sure your site is running as fast as possible.

MYOB doesn't charge for extra storage space at the moment, but this may change in the future.

Additional data storage plans are available. Contact your account manager or our operations team at for more information.

Managing the size of your database

  • Avoid keeping multiple test, demo or training tenants in production.

    • This increases the database size, and can make the site slower.

    • This applies to snapshots as well. Delete them after they’re used or exported.

  • Audit History – Only audit what's required

  • Access History – Periodically export to Excel and zip and store, then delete history in system.

  • Automation schedule history – Set the schedule to remember last 50 runs or so (Don’t set it to 1 as sometimes run history is useful).

  • Make sure snapshots are kept to a minimum.
    If you have a pop-up for Orphaned Snapshots on the tenants screen, please raise a case with your support provider to have a script run over the database

  • Documents – Consider storing them in a separate system, such as an AWS S3 bucket, rather than locally.

  • Tenants – Remove any unused tenants.

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