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Correcting a processed pay run

If you need to correct a pay after it's been processed and marked as complete, you can reverse the pay and then make changes to it.

Reversing a pay run

You can reverse a pay run if:

  • it's the most recently completed pay run in its pay group

  • there isn’t a new open pay run in that pay group.

Although it's possible to reverse payment batches and the related GL transactions, there's no way to control what happens once you export a payment batch.

Submitted export files to the bank? Don’t reverse the pay run. Instead, make a new adjustment pay run to correct the payments.

To reverse a completed pay
  1. Go to the Manage Pays screen (MPPP4110).

  2. Click the Status dropdown and select Completed.

  3. From the list of completed pay runs, select the one you want to reverse.

  4. At the top of the page, click the Actions menu and select Reverse. The Reverse Pay Run message opens.

  5. Read the message carefully. If you still want to reverse the pay, click OK.

  6. To confirm the pay has been reversed, go to the Manage Pays page and select Reversed from the Status drop-down. This shows the details of any reversed pays.

Making changes to a reversed pay run

When you reverse a pay run, its Pay Run Status is set to REVERSED. That means you can't make changes to it.

However, a new pay run is also created. It's identical to the reversed pay, including:

  • changes from employees' Standard Pays

  • leave entered

  • the same Physical Pay Day, Pay Period Start and End dates.

The new pay run's status is set to OPEN. That means you can make changes to it, and process it in place of the reversed pay run.

GL transactions

When you reverse a pay run, it also reverses all the GL transactions generated by the original pay run. The original transactions are locked and reversing transactions are created for them. Each reversed GL transactions includes a link to the reversing transaction that was created for it, and each reversing transaction includes a link to the reversed pay run as a reference.

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