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Bank feed application error codes

When applying for a bank feed in MYOB Advanced Business, you may receive an error code displayed on the screen.

These codes generally relate to MYOB internal systems, the table below suggests options for how to resolve the most common application errors encountered:

Error codeFull error codeNext steps

A contact needs to be specified on the application. (internal error ID: 10006):

Contact the Operations team using the Email Template from this link .

Account Number is a required field. Please enter a value. (internal error ID: 10010):

Check that you are applying for a feed for the same country Advanced was sold to.

This problem normally indicates a licensing problem, currently we can only provide bankfeeds to the country of purchase.

Vote for this idea if this feature is required for you/your client:

10013The Bank Feeds service applicant is not eligible to set up this service on this MYOB product. (internal error ID: 10013):Contact the Operations team using the Email Template from this link.
10015This Bank Account is already registered to a bank feed. Please select a new bank account to proceed with the application. (internal error ID: 10015):Contact the Bankfeeds team to resolve this issue as it appears to be a duplicate application.


New Zealand:

MyDot authentication error. Please ensure you are logged in via MyDot.

Make sure you are logging in using a 2FA account (Purple button during signin).

Click this link for How to Get Started with 2 Factor Authentication

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Application submission failed, submission details invalidCheck that all Account Number fields are numbers only. (Usually caused by a "-" in the BSB field)

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