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Adding Workforce Management Employee ID (External Employee ID) to the Employees GI (EP2030PL)

This knowledge base article guides you through the process of modifying the default Employees Inquiry (EP2030PL) to display the WFM Employee IDs for Employees, and open the Employee screen directly if you click on the Employee ID.

With the Tables tab, add the MPEmployee Table. (This is the Table storing MYOB Specific employee information for the Australia/New Zealand region. EPEmployee is a base Acumatica table).

Within the relations tab add the MPEmployee Table as an inner join to the EPEmployee Table based on bAccountID

In the Navigation tab, add a new Navigation Target

Link of:: " "

Set the Navigation Parameter to be
Field: ((WFMID))
Parameter: MPEmployee.ExternalAcctCD

Finally, add the MPEmployee.ExternalAcctCD to the Results Grid (And set the Navigate to)

Remember to set a Caption on your Generic Inquiry column to make it easier to understand. In this case WFM ID

You'll now see the WFM ID column on the right, and if you click the number, it will open the Employee screen from Advanced Workforce Management as a new popup.:

As an example screen customisation, you can download the above Generic Inquiry as XML Here:


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