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Payroll and Self Service

Single Touch Payroll

Learn how to send payroll data to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll (STP). Australia only
(3 min 04 sec)

Introduction to the Self Service Module

Watch this short introduction to setting up and using the Self Service module.
(3 min 08 sec)

Employee Details in the Self Service Module

Learn about the screens in the Self Service module that let employees view and manage their details.
(1 min 37 sec)

Making Leave Requests

Learn how employees and managers can make leave requests in the Self Service module, which are then imported into the Payroll module for processing.
(4 min 26 sec)

Importing Timesheets

Learn how to import timesheet information (from an external source or from the Time Card feature in MYOB Advanced) into pay runs in the Payroll module.
(4 min 37 sec)

Processing Public Holidays

Learn how to generate batches of Public Holiday transactions for inclusion into employees' pays and process them in bulk.
(2 min 42 sec)

Employee Transfers

Learn how to use the Employee Transfer screen to automate the process of transferring an employee's leave liabilities between branches.
(2 min 08 sec)

Reporting on the Payroll Module

Learn about the reporting and data analysis possibilities that the Payroll module offers.
(2 min 42 sec)

Terminations in the Payroll Module

Learn how to process and employee's termination in the Payroll module. Australia only
(5 min 14 sec)

Adjusting Employees' Pays

Learn how to adjust pay details for one or more employees in a historical pay run.
(2 min 38 sec)

Entitlement Adjustments

Learn how to enter employees' opening leave entitlement balances and make adjustments to employees' entitlements.
(3 min 41 sec)

Payroll Tax Reporting

Learn about Payroll Tax reporting in the Payroll module. Australia only
(2 min 31 sec)

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