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MYOB Advanced Procore Integration 7.1 Release Notes

The 7.1 package compatible with 2021.2 is based on the ConstructionProcoreIntegration. and contains the functionality from that version of the package.

What's fixed?

When installing the Procore customization package, the length of migrated data could cause an error.This has been resolved.

When importing multiple PO/SC, if one of the first entities failed to import due to an error, the following entities weren't imported either. A "Null key" error would occur, breaking the import process.

This occurred because the status of the subcontract’s import on the Subcontracts Synchronization (PC201010) form has depended on the success of the previous one in the batch for a project.

This has been resolved. Now, all subcontracts are process individually for a project.
Subcontractor invoices with a status of Excluded weren't appearing on the Synchronized tab of the Subcontractor Invoices Synchronization screen (PC201013). As the result, the users couldn't include those subcontractor invoices back in the synchronization.This has been resolved.
When an SC Invoice couldn't be imported because a commitment line was closed, no error was included in the synchronization log and there was no trace.This has been resolved. An error message has been added on the Synchronization Log table of the Subcontractor Invoices Synchronization screen (PC201013): "The subcontractor invoice cannot be imported because at least one of the related commitment lines is closed. Check the commitment <SC/PO Number>".
(Technical item) After selecting a project on the Change Order Synchronization screen (PC201011), an error could occur: "Sequence contains more than one matching element". This has been resolved.
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