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Integration and Customisation

Automatic Join Suggestion

Learn about the automatic table join suggestion features introduced in MYOB Advanced 2020.6, which let you configure relations between tables quickly and accurately when setting up a generic inquiry..
(1 min 47 sec)

Exposing Data via OData

Learn how to enable OData data feeds for generic inquiries and use them in Excel.
(1 min 44 sec)

Exchange Server Integration

Learn how to set up and run synchronisation between MYOB Advanced and Microsoft Exchange Server.
(2 min 05 sec)

Power BI Integration

Learn how to use MYOB Advanced with Microsoft's Power BI data visualization tools.
(1 min 21 sec)

Customisation in MYOB Advanced

Learn how to perform simple in-app customisation in MYOB Advanced.
(10 min 47 sec)

The MYOB Advanced API

Learn how the MYOB Advanced API works and what you can do with it.
(3 min 43 sec)

The MYOB Advanced Add-in for Outlook

Watch this introductory overview of the MYOB Advanced Add-in for Outlook.
(1 min 22 sec)

Installing the Outlook Add-in

Learn how to install the MYOB Advanced Add-in for Outlook.
(1 min 25 sec)

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