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2022.2.3 Hotfix release notes

The 2022.2.3 hotfix resolves several issues affecting MYOB Advanced Business, Advanced Payroll and Employee Self Service.

Resolved issues

MYOB Advanced Business

AU & NZOn the Sales Quotes screen, clicking Copy Quote from the toolbar could cause an error: "The item does not have an active configuration revision assigned." This only affected quotes with lines that have configurable items. This has been resolved.CE00039119 CE00038298

MYOB Advanced Payroll

AU & NZThe Employee Transfer screen was using the incorrect general ledger accounts for entitlements. The From Account and To Account fields were using the first entitlement in the grid for all entitlements. This has been resolved.

CE00038206 CE00038061


When using the Go to Next Record button () to view a different employee's current pay, the order of employee records was different to the Pay Run Sort Order set up on the Payroll Preferences screen. This has been resolved.

CE00041456 CE00041271 CE00041361 CE00041499 CE00042196 CE00042326
AUIf you processed a pay that included a termination with ETP tax withheld values, then adjusted those pays, the STP reporting of PAYG could be incorrect. The ETP tax withheld total wasn't considering the -neg pay adjustment values. This has been resolved.CE00040107 CE00039882

MYOB Advanced Employee Self Service

AU & NZYou couldn't submit or approve a leave request for an employee set up with a bi-monthly (or semi-monthly) pay frequency. You weren't able to enter an End Date because of an endless loading icon, which resulted in an error: "Request timed out." Additionally, the approval process was not working with the bi-monthly frequency. These issues have been resolved.

CE00041404 CE00041375 CE00041310 CE00041309

AUFor companies using a company tree for Employee Self Service, an error could occur when viewing leave balances on the Team Leave Balances screen: "Array dimensions exceeded supported range." This has been resolved.


CE00041095 CE00040870 CE00040958 CE00040987

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