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2021.2.202 Hot Fix Release Notes

The 2021.2.202 hot fix resolves a Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 issue that impacted end-of-financial-year submissions for Australian companies.

Resolved issues

List of resolved issues
RegionWho was affected?Description
AUCustomers that have transitioned to STP Phase 2.

When submitting an update and/or finalise batch for the 2022 financial year after 30 June, the batch’s timestamp was set incorrectly. Although the ATO accepted the batch, so it appeared to be successful in Advanced Payroll, the ATO process doesn't recognise the batch as the latest event. So, the employee's income statements were still shown as Not Tax Ready.

This has been resolved. In version 2021.1.601, update and finalise batches will have the correct information to be accepted and processed by the ATO.

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