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2021.1.6 Release Notes

New features

Leave Balances & Liabilities report - NZ only

This report lets you check the leave balances and leave liabilities for all active employees, including the leave payment rates for the date you select.

It's useful to run this report at the end of every month for accounting purposes. This report is also helpful for auditing, financial reporting (like at the end of a tax year) etc.

After running the report, a note at the bottom explains how the rates are calculated. For example, the note in the following screenshot explains the Rate effective date.

Timesheet improvements - NZ only

We're testing new timesheet features that make it easier to update work schedules.

If you import timesheets from a third party application, your employee work schedule is likely maintained in that application. The new timesheet features will let you populate the employee work schedule in MYOB Advanced Payroll based on their pay items that are imported via timesheets.

While these features are being tested, they're only available to certain sites. We'll let you know the details and benefits of these features when they're available for all sites.

If you want to help us test these features, please reach out to your MYOB Partner. Otherwise, you can contact our New Zealand customer service team:

Security improvements

We've made some security improvements to fulfil the requirements of the ATO Digital Service Provider Operational Framework:

  • The number of months in the “Keep Audit History For” field on the Security Preferences screen cannot be set to less than 12, thus preventing any user from deleting the recent audit history from the Access History page.

  • The default number of months for a new site will be set to 84

  • Audit history about published customisations is now always turned on by default and made read-only.

  • The button “Log in as user” on the Users screen that allowed user impersonation is now hidden.

Resolved issues

List of resolved issues

This table lists resolved support issues and bugs for MYOB Advanced Payroll only. Contact your partner for information about resolved support issues and bugs for other MYOB Advanced modules.

RegionIssue IDsDescription



Changes to Pay groups rates now automatically reflect in related pays open while changing rate/created after changing rate with pay items which use pay group rates.
AU & NZ-Change to custom rate in pay item screen (pay item definitions) were not updating rates in employee’s current pay. Issue is fixed.
AU & NZCE00025922For clients using Employee Self Service, users were getting an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when trying to Import Leave. This is now resolved in all builds above & including 2021.1.500 release.
AU & NZ-Timesheet batches that were duplicating if WFM instance is connected to multiple Advanced companies is now fixed.
AU & NZCE00010823

A single timesheet entry may not be imported into more than one pay run. Once associated with a pay run, that transaction is now locked and will not be imported gain.

AU & NZCE00024335Entitlement balances report was only showing entitlements that were set to “Show Leave Balances” in Employee Self Service. It will now show all leave balances.



Fixed issues with termination wizard leave accruals.

During employee termination, the termination wizard (unused annual leave tab) calculates the value of accrued leave based on Annual Year to Date Gross Earnings. If there was an adjusted pay in the terminated employee’s history, the Annual Year to Date Gross Earnings was not accurate. 

When a user tries to adjust a completed pay, while the original pay remains unchanged in the system (for historical reference purposes), the system creates 2 new related pays for it:

  • One is a new pay which is the negation of the original completed pay, which is in completed status by default & 

    • The system was not considering negative related pays created while calculating Annual Year-to-Date Gross Earnings on NZ Termination wizard. 

  • The other is a copy of original completed pay, which is in open status for editing.  

    • If the user cancels this pay for an employee who had annual leave taken in advanced & also had termination processed in that pay, when the employee is terminated in a new open pay, then the Less total paid in advance amount and Remaining accrual units were not calculated correctly. 

Note some termination issues that require manual intervention remain.



Two fixes to NZ public holidays:

For Public holidays, the leave summary screen now shows both ADP & RDP rates. This was broken in 2021.1.500. For public holidays worked, this can be used for employees where FBAPS is set to ADP to override public holidays worked to be paid at RDP (and in this case it would be the RDP-Standard Rate reflected on the leave summary). 

If an employee works on multiple public holiday days, but only work part days it should accrue a whole day alternative holiday for each day worked. It was adding the partial days and then rounding to whole days, which could result in incorrect number of alternate holidays accrued. This is now fixed. 

NZCE00026617Leave Summary filter is now working correctly when launched from pay details screen
NZCE00024466Date format on Employment Details Return CSV file is fixed.
NZCE00018929Rounding issues on Payslips for specific pay items settings are now resolved.



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