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2018.1.3 Release Notes


The 2018.1.3 release is a hot fix release, addressing issues identified in previous releases.

These Release Notes are also available as a PDF document: MYOB Advanced Release Notes_2018_1_3.pdf

Resolved Issues


Problem ID 


162525014626 162918787611 162662896396 162662896392 162662896380 162662896368 162662896356 162662896352 162662896340 162662896328 162662896316 162662896312 162662896308 162662896296 162662896284 162662896271 162662896194 162662896172 162662896168 162662896156 162662896144 162662896131 162613525420 162613525416 162613525411 162662895641 162570224160 162570224156 162570224151 162428010665

The Business Activity Statement Report (MBTX6011) and Goods and Services Tax Return (MBTX6000) showed the amount for all companies in the tenant, instead of showing a separate amount for each company. This has been resolved.

161445431496 162870278521 161077141551

160585117059 161729286831 161708848061 160527119891

The Email Dunning Letter process could send out reports that contained incorrect information (the Print Dunning Letter process showed the correct information). This has been resolved.


Problem ID 



In some cases, the Email Order process could send out email that had the wrong sales order attached. This has been resolved.

System and Platform

Problem ID 


162565845328 162519116931

Users of the customer portal incorrectly received notifications about signing up for Secure Authentication. This has been resolved.

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