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Send queued payslip emails

Whenever a payslip email is produced for either a regular pay or a one off payment, the email is added to the queue of emails to be sent.

Press F6 from anywhere in Ace Payroll to open the Send Queued Emails window. From this window you can send, view, or delete emails.


Employer's Description

This field provides a brief description of the queued email. Click the description to open the payslip that will be sent.


The status field tells you whether an email has been sent or not. When you click Send the status field changes first to sending, and then to either sent or error.

To delete an unsent email click the status field. The status changes to delete. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the window to permanently delete this email, or click the status field again to change it back to unsent. Emails marked for deletion are not sent, and are automatically removed from the list when all other emails are sent. When all of your emails have been sent the items on the list are automatically removed.

If an email cannot be sent when you click Send, the status changes to error. Clicking the Send button again changes the status of all emails with an error status back to unsent, and Ace Payroll automatically tries to send those emails again. If some emails cannot be sent after retrying, check the email address to make sure it is correct. If no emails can be sent then there is likely to be a problem with your internet connection, or your virus protection might be blocking Ace Payroll. Check our help and troubleshooting section for instructions on what to do if your virus protection is causing a problem.


To send queued emails
  1. Press the F6 key. The Send Queued Emails window opens.

    The same window opens automatically when you produce your payslips during a regular pay run, and press Go from the Regular Payslips report.

  2. Click Send. The status of all of your queued emails changes to sending, then to sent.





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