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Networking Ace Payroll

The standard version of Ace Payroll can be installed in a networked location, without any additional software or additional licenses.

Ace Payroll is designed to be installed and run locally. While it is possible to use it over a network using the steps below, this can cause performance issues, and can make the system behave unpredictably. For these reasons, networking Ace Payroll is not recommended.

To network Ace Payroll
  1. To find out where Ace Payroll is currently installed, open Ace Payroll and click Utilities then System Information. Note the location of the Program Folder and Data Folder.
  2. Go to our software downloads page (
  3. Click Other products > MYOB Ace Payroll.
  4. Click to download the latest version.
  5. A download will appear down the bottom left corner. Click RUN.
  6.  When prompted, click Setup and follow the onscreen prompts.

  7. At the I AGREE WITH THE TERMS page, click I AGREE and click NEXT.

  8. At the Select Target Folder prompt, the default installation folder will be c:\winpay.

  9. If your installation location noted at step 1 above is not c:\winpay:

    1. Click Elsewhere.

    2. Expand the network locations and highlight the folder that Ace Payroll is currently stored (as per step 1 above).

  10. Click Next to begin the installation.
  11. Once the installation is complete:

    1. Ace Payroll will shut down and reopen.

    2. Ace Payroll will start and ask for your required password if this is set up.

    3. Ace Payroll may request a version unlock code, please contact our Payroll Support Team for this information.


  • The program can be accessed by multiple users, but is not designed to have more than one user entering data into one database at any one time. However, if you run multiple companies, each user can be using a different data set simultaneously.
  • Ace Payroll uses just three program files - PAY.EXE, PAY.HLP, and PAY.INI
  • All data files are no more than 8 characters each, and all end in .DTA
  • Copying PAY.* and *.DTA files from their present locations copies all files.
  • Ace Payroll never writes to the Windows registry..
  • Make sure each user has full read and write access to the relevant folders.
  • If you get a message saying which says Faulty Setup File after you have set up the shortcut:
  • Check the shortcut file path is not being directed to the wrong location
  • Check that the user has full access/admin rights

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