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Migrate Ace Payroll to MYOB Essentials

When you move from Ace Payroll to MYOB Essentials you’ll need to set up your employees, and enter their leave balances and pay history.

This document explains how to find this information in Ace Payroll and enter it into MYOB Essentials.

Employee details setup

In Ace Payroll, run the Miscellaneous report and select the options shown below.

To create a new employee in MYOB Essentials, open the Payroll menu and select Employees, then click Add Employee.

Use the Ace Payroll Miscellaneous report to fill in your employee’s information.

The field names vary between Ace Payroll and MYOB Essentials. In each tab you must fill in the yellow fields before you can save the new employee record.

If you’re unsure, use the table below as a reference.


MYOB Essentials Fields

Ace Payroll details from report

Employee details – Personal

First Name

First Names

Last Name


Date of Birth

Birth Date

Start Date

Start Date

Job Title


Postal Address






Employee details – Pay details


Select one

Employee is paid: Hourly Rate or Annual Salary

If $/hr
If $/yr


Enter hourly rate (Ordinary Hours rate on report)
Enter annual salary (Salary on report)

Employee details – Banking

Select “Pay into one account” or
“Split pay between 2 accounts”

Account Description

Account number


IRD Number


Tax Code

Tax Code (select from list)

Tick the tax code declaration box 


KiwiSaver Status

If KiwiSaver “Yes” then select Active

If KiwiSaver “No” then select Opted Out or Exempt

Employee Contribution rate

Employee: %

Employer Contribution rate

Employer: %

Employee Annual Salary (select band)

ESCT Rate %

Holiday pay / annual leave balances

Holiday pay and annual leave balances are handled differently in Ace Payroll and MYOB Essentials. MYOB Essentials splits annual leave into two sections: Leave Available (the total leave they have become entitled to, minus any leave taken) and Leave Accruing over the current year.

Follow the steps below to check the Annual Entitlement (leave available) and Current Year Entitlement (leave accruing over the current year) in Ace Payroll.

Casual Employees are usually paid their holidays as they work, so they will not have leave balances to enter.

To check leave entitlements in Ace Payroll
  1. From the front screen, click Employee then click Modify Employee Details.
  2. Select an employee, then click Leave.
  3. Click the maginfing glass icon next to Holiday Pay.
  4. Either print this report, or leave it open for reference.      

To enter the employees’ opening balances in Essentials

When entering leave entitlements in MYOB Essentials you'll need to enter the balance in hours. The Ace Payroll report displays the days owing so you'll need to convert these to hours based on the average hours worked per day.

  1. Click Payroll > Employees
  2. Select an employee and click the Leave tab.
  3. Enter the Annual entitlement minus any days taken from Ace Payroll into the Opening Balance: Available field.
  4. Enter the Current Year Entitlement into the Opening Balance: Accruing field.




Pay history

We recommend loading 52 weeks of pay history so that MYOB Essentials can calculate annual leave rates correctly.

The pay history you enter here is only for reference and will not be included in reports.

To view pay history in Ace Payroll
  1. Open the One Off Report.
  2. Set it to show All Employees.
  3. Set the Detail field to Itemised.
  4. Set the Date Range to show the last 52 weeks and click Go.

This report shows you the Gross (Gross Earnings), Tax (PAYE) and Nett (Take Home) figures to enter in the pay history.

To view the hours worked in Ace Payroll
  1. Run the Hours Worked report.
  2. Set the Detail field to Itemised.
  3. Set the Date Range to show the last 52 weeks.
  4. Click Go.
To enter pay history in Essentials
  1. Click Payroll > Employees.
  2. In the Pay history tab, click Enter pay history prior to using MYOB Essentials.
  3. Choose the employee’s Pay frequency.
  4. Enter the pay period dates, Gross earnings (not including non-taxable allowances), Hours worked, PAYE and Take home pay figures during the pay period.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Repeat from step 2 for each pay period you want to record in MYOB Essentials.
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.


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