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KiwiSaver exempt schemes

If your employee belongs to another suitable superannuation scheme, they are exempt from enrolment in KiwiSaver. This page explains how to disable the deduction of compulsory employer KiwiSaver contributions for these employees.

To disable KiwiSaver deductions for any employee, first you need to disable the Compulsory KiwiSaver Employer Contributions setting. Once you’ve done that, you can disable contributions for specific employees who use non-KiwiSaver superannuation funds.

You can also disable employer contributions as your company default, but if you do this you need to be careful that you are meeting your legal minimum contributions to all KiwiSaver enrolled employees by setting them individually.

To disable Compulsory KiwiSaver Employer Contributions
  1. From the top of the front screen in the windows menu, click the Setup drop-down menu, then click Extremely Fine Tuning.

  2.  The Extremely Fine Tuning window opens. Scroll to the bottom of the window and tick Disable Compulsory KiwiSaver Employer Contributions, then click Go.

To disable employer contributions for an employee
  1. From the front screen, click Employee > Modify Employee Details.

  2. Select an employee who uses a non-KiwiSaver superannuation scheme, then click on the rate under Employer Contribution Rate.

  3. Click Zero (Exempt Scheme), then click Go.

To disable employer contributions as the company default

Make sure that you are still meeting your legal minimum contributions to all KiwiSaver enrolled employees if you change the company default.

  1. From the front screen click Setup > Company Defaults > KiwiSaver.

  2. Click Employer Contribution Rate then click Zero (Exempt Scheme) then Go.
    This rate (zero) now applies to any employee who does not have an individually set KiwiSaver rate.

If the option to Disable Compulsory KiwiSaver Employer Contributions is turned off in the Extremely Fine Tuning window, then any individual employees whose employer contribution has been set as Zero (Exempt Scheme) will revert to Legal Minimum.





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