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Export specifications for CashManager

Key Concepts

Ace Payroll creates a CSV file, which is then imported into Cash Manager.

File consists of various comma delimited data lines, the first field of which is a numeric value indicating the sort of data contained in the line.

All lines starting with ! or # are comments and do not contain import data.

Ace Payroll Interface

Ace Payroll client selects a date range of transactions to export.

Based on the date range selected there may be more than one transaction for some employees.

CashManager can be indentified as the clients default export method, and will be described on the setup options with the CashManager logo.

After confirmation, the file will be created then read back from disk for viewing by the Ace Payroll client; hence the comment lines described later on.

File name and path can be placed in clipboard for pasting into CashManager if this assists; please advise.

File Naming

Ace Payroll creates a file named "cashman.csv" in the folder containing the client data files.

File Identifier

First line of file consists of "#52843".

This in an arbitrary value, the purpose being to identify the file as one containing Ace Payroll data that is in a format expected by CashManager.

CashManager could examine this value to check the correct file is being imported.

Whether CashManager uses this value is up to CashManager.

Comment Lines

All lines that start with an exclamation mark "!" are comments, and should be ignored.

Comment lines can be allowed anywhere within the file, for future unknown purposes.

Reserved Comment Lines

All lines that start with a hash character "#" are also treated as comment lines.

This is apart from the first line, which whilst starting with a hash has a defined position, purpose and value.

Data Line Identifiers

The first field of every line that is not a comment consists of a non zero numeric identifier indicating the type of data contained in the line.

1 - Creator Header Line - This line contains information about the entity

that is exporting the data, and other items pertaining to the data as a whole.

2 - Field Names Line - this line represents the text description of the fields contained in

a line 3 data line.

3 - Data Line - this line represents the actual data to import, with fields matching

the items described by the line 2 descriptions.

1 - Creator Header Line

This line contains information about the entity that is exporting the data, and other items pertaining to the data as a whole.

Field 1 - Line Identifier 

The creator header line starts with a 1.

Field 2 - Ace Payroll Version 

This field contains the Ace Payroll version that created the file, such as 3.36D

Field 3 - Ace Payroll Serial Number 

This field contains the serial number of the Ace Payroll program that created the file. It will be a maximum of 5 digits. If the export file is created by an evaluation or unregistered version it has a value of zero.

Field 4 - Company Name 

This field takes a maximum of 40 characters and is the name of the organisation from which the data is being exported.

Field 5 - IRD Number 

This field represents the client IRD number, as a raw unformatted numeric value. The field is no greater than 9 digits, and will have a value of zero if unused.

Field 6 - Creation Date Time 

This is the date and time the file was created in the format "3.54pm 23-Mar-2010"

Sample Line 

1,"3.36D",4567,"Joe Bloggs Ltd",123456789,"3.54pm 23-Mar-2010"

2 - Field Names Line

This line starts with a 2, and contains a text description of the data line fields.

Sample Line 

2,ID,"Payment Date","Employee Name","Dept Ref","Dept Name",Gross,PAYE,"Child Support","Student Loan","Other Ded","After Tax Extras","KiwiSaver Employer","KiwiSaver Employee",Nett

3 - Data Line Contents

This line starts with a 3, and contains data for every payment made for each employee in the period selected.

Field 1 - Data Line Identifier 

All data lines start with a 3.

Field 2 - Employee ID 

Maximum 5 Characters. Probably unused by CashManager.

Field 3 - Payment Date 


Field 4 - Employee Name 

Maximum 25 characters plus quotes.

Field 5 - Department Reference 

A number between 0 and 255 that Ace Payroll uses to identify the department. It is unlikely that CashManager will use this field.

Field 6 - Department Name 

Maximum 10 characters plus quotes. The name by which the Ace Payroll client refers to the above department.

Field 7 - Gross Pay 

Field 8 - PAYE 

Field 9 - Child Support 

Field 10 - Student Loan 

Field 11 - Other Deductions 

Field 12 - After Tax Extras 

Field 13 - KiwiSaver Employee 

Field 14 - KiwiSaver Employer 

Field 15 - Nett Pay 

Sample Data Line 

3,JS,15/12/2009,"Bloggs, Joseph",6,"Management",60800,11331,2000,2330,500,800,1200,1200,43039

Amount Fields 

Fields 7 to 15 are dollars and cents represented as integer values with two implied decimals. Zero is represented by a single zero. For example $598.66 is represented as 59866.

Additional Fields 

Additional fields may be added at a later date. Neither party should limit themselves by assuming there are exactly 15 fields.





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