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Domestic Violence Leave

From 1 April 2019, employees affected by domestic violence can request paid domestic violence leave (DVL). It works in a similar way to sick leave, but to learn all the ins and outs visit the Employment New Zealand website.

To manage DVL payments in Ace Payroll, set up a new pay rate.

Here are the details:

1. Set up a DVL pay rate

Set up a DVL pay rate

  1. Click Setup > Company defaults > Payrate structure.
  2. Click into the next ‘unused rate’. If there are none available, click Add.
  3. In the Description field enter an appropriate name.

    Be discreet with the name for this pay rate as it will appear on the employee's payslip when DVL is paid.

  4. Click GO.
  5. Leave the calculation method as default ‘flat rate’, and the default rate as ‘none’.
2. Process a DVL payment

Process a DVL payment

In a pay, you'll see the new pay rate appear for all employees (DVL in the example below). The pay rate will only show on a payslip when used.

  1. If the employee receives a standard hourly rate, enter their rate and the hours (units) they would have worked had they come in. This is their relevant daily pay.
  2. If it's not practical to calculate their relevant daily pay, you'll need to calculate their average daily pay as follows:
    1. Select Leave and Alternative holiday sold.
    2. Click Next.
    3. In the payment screen, use the 52 week average method to calculate their average daily pay amount.
    4. Take note of this amount as shown below, then click Quit.
    5. Back in the pay screen, enter the daily amount you just calculated and noted in the DVL rate field, then enter 1 in the Units field.
3. Track DVL entitlements

Track DVL entitlements

You can report on DVL leave using the Hours worked report, under Reports > Hours worked. Select the name of the payrate you set up for DVL and the date range you want to report on.

Alternatively you can track DVL using the notes section in the employee details to record DVL taken:

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