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Ace Payroll release notes and version history

Release Notes

PDF Release Notes documents are available for current and previous releases of MYOB Ace Payroll.

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

Click on a document link to display the document, or right-click and choose Save as... to save a copy of it.

If you require any of the software download links for the below release notes, please contact our Ace Payroll Support Team, or check out our MYOB Software Downloads for the most recent version.

Version History

Summaries of previous releases are available in the sections below.

Verision 3.43

Version 3.43D 31/03/2016 

  • IRD Ruling on extra pays

Version 3.43C 29/02/2016 

  • Leap Year Patch

Version 3.43B 12/01/2016 

  • MYOB AccountRight Live integration

Version 3.43A 01/01/2016 

  • ACC Earner Premium reduces to 1.39% from 1st April 2016.

  • Maxumum ACC earner premium increased to $122,063 annually from 1st April 2016.

  • This is our formal 2016 compliance release.

Version 3.42

Version 3.42F 15/10/2015 

  • Parental Leave updated for 16 weeks paid parental leave, increasing to 18 weeks from 1st July 2016.

  • Terms of use added for downloaded upgrades.

  • Cashing up holiday pay - additional wizard step added to provide more information.

Version 3.42E 27/08/2015 

  • Employee Single Allowance Report significantly enhanced, with payslip drill down and sort order features added.

  • Reducing Balance Deduction report added.

  • SMTP password field lengthened.

  • View All Employee Alerts report added.

  • Entry of SMTP host settings updated.

  • Public Holidays updated for 2018.

  • Southland Anniversary dates and documentation updated.

  • Parental Leave increases from $504.10 to $516.85 weekly.

Version 3.42D 23/07/2015 

  • Updated Ace Payroll Installer

  • Resume Employee tutorial updated.

  • All public holiday documentation updated.

  • Sharepoint integration completed.

Version 3.42C 24/06/2015 

  • Clearance date facility added for Westpac Business Online.

  • Ace Payroll Installer updated.

  • F1 Help Manual updated.

  • Bank names & contact numbers updated where necessary.

Version 3.42B 03/03/2015 

  • Minimum Wage updated.

Version 3.42A 05/01/2015 

  • ACC maximum earner premium updated.

Version 3.41

Version 3.41L 01/12/2014 

  • Public Holidays Taken & Worked - links added to help manual for all mondayised public holidays.

Version 3.41K 19/11/2014 

  • KiwiSaver employer contribution percentage rates changes.

Version 3.41J 04/11/2014 

  • Rabobank detail records updated to Format B.

  • IRFile made simple details added re IR345.

  • Leave Owing Report export file viewer added.

  • Leave Owing Report time bank data added to end of export data lines.

  • FAQ134 ESCT - What Is It? updated as per IRD request.

  • All KiwiSaver documentation updated.

  • Significant enhancements to Cloud Payslip Server.

  • Parental Leave increased to $504.10 gross per week.

Version 3.41H 23/10/2014 

  • Leave owing report setup options added.

  • IRFile path length is now unlimited.

Version 3.41G 10/10/2014 

  • Reducing Balance Deductions can now show balance on payslips.

  • All upgrade methods before 3.27 removed.

Version 3.41F 16/9/2014 

  • Public Holidays added for 2017.

  • GlobVars.MaxRecRange increased to 2018.

  • TurnOfCentury changed to 2024. DayOfWeekOffset adjusted.

  • Quantum file signature updated to QC05-51.

  • Resume employee wizard added.

  • Purge Unpaid Employees utility added.

Version 3.41E 07/8/2014 

  • Import Style #15 Import New Employee enhanced.

  • Export file paths user definable.

  • Generic Accounting Data export method added.

  • Quantum now exports ESCT data.

  • IRFile unfiled pays message more detail added.

Version 3.41D 25/6/2014 

  • Import style #52 added.

Version 3.41C 16/3/2014 

  • Fine tuning option added to not calculate witholding tax on the cents part of a gross pay.

Version 3.41B 03/2/2014 

  • Intermediary functionality added.

Version 3.41A 01/1/2014 

  • ACC Earner Premium reduces from 1.7% to 1.45%.

  • View Latest Changes removed.

  • MaxRecRange increased to 2017.

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