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5. Set pay frequency, structure, and method

Set your company's pay frequency, pay rate structure, and payment method. These setting will be used each time you process pays, but you can always change them later.

Set the default pay frequency

The default setting is 'weekly, so if you pay wages weekly do nothing.

To change this setting start from the front screen and click Setup > Company Defaults > Pay Frequency, then select the pay frequency you want to use.

Each new employee will have their pay frequency set to match the company default, unless you set their pay frequency to something else.

You can pay your employees using multiple pay frequencies if you want to.

Set the pay rate structure 

The default pay rates are Ordinary Hours, Time & a Half, and Double Time. These appear at the top of your Calculate Pays window.

If you want to use a different pay rate regularly, you can create one.

From the front screen click Setup > Company Defaults > Pay Rate Structure. Click on the blue text in an unused box to set a pay rate, or click +Add to add a new one.

Set the default payment method 

From the front screen click Setup > Company Defaults > Payment Method.

If you pay wages by cheque or direct credit then do nothing - leave the default payment method set to By Cheque.

If you pay wages in cash then select In Cash, then click Go.


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